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Where To Find The Right Luxury Writing Accessories

Brand Symetree – a luxury label from the house of haritsons – is celebrated for its innovative jewels and bespoke accessories that are passionately handcrafted in Jaipur and are inspired by its rich heritage and creative conceptualizations. Symetree has been the youngest recipient of the country’s best design awards. Apart from being the highly coveted high street label, its one of the most preferred manufacturing destinations. This epitome of bespoke luxury is an heirloom which effectuates the suave connoisseur’s identity. The designs of the product, packaging and literature are protected.

luxury writing accessories

Accompanying the collection are a letter opener, wax stick, eraser, graphite sharpener and a bookmark. This contingent of luxury is topped by a rare set of gilt badged correspondence cards with silver monograms. All of this really niched into a bespoke wood & leather streamer trunk with solid hand skilled brass embellishments. The entire collection is hand crafted in sterling silver encrusted with lapis Lazuli. The floral repousse patterns are inspired from the monument of the Raj Era.

Language and writing are the two integral pillars of evolution of cultural history across civilizations and particularly for our subcontinent. The Raj Era brought in a rich and harmonious blend of British styling and ethnic Indian skills: which turned out to be the quintessence of artistry and aristocracy for flourishing Indian societies.

As a brand on a cultural expedition, Symetree proudly believes in conserving and perpetuating this legacy in its endeavor rightly christened as – “The Write Connection”. The collection boosts of an elaborate desk set comprising of an inkwell with a clever timepiece on a 18th century porcelain dial with hand blown glass, complemented by a matching pin cushion and a paper weight. Then stands the writing piece – the paradigm of penning – with its signature hand chiseled wooden physique, which is carried on to other member components like the ink blotter, the wax seal and the eyeglass holder.


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