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Almas-E-Nizam: Diamonds of the Nizam

Almas-E-Nizam jewelry collection is an intriguingly aristocratic subject considering the massive public interest, display and documentation which the original jewels have created world wide, with huge uncut diamond polkis and chunky emeralds garnished with tourmalines and pearls.

Designed as a tribute to the Nizam dynasty the legendary connoisseurs of the finest craftsmanship and rarest jewels, this exquisite collection comprises of more than 100 dazzling vintage inspired pieces.

Almas-E-Nizam Collection From SymetreeThis retro assortment of Almas-E-Nizam will take you back in time to the splendid durbars of the Deccan royalties. It’s a legend of mammoth gems, intricate detailing and secret craftsmanship’s of this platean kingdom: preserved tactfully by generations.

Brand Symetree offers you wholesale fashion jewelry and accessories at affordable prices.


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