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Brand Symetree – An Introduction

Haritsons Designs Private Limited is the ISO Certified company is represented by the progressive and innovative jewelry brand Symetree. The sprawling new production facility at sitapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan. The elite jewelry manufacturing hub of Rajasthan is a tribute to the colossal roman architecture. A modest reflection of our dreams and achievements.

Symetree – The proportional equivalence of luxury and creativity. A tribute to the design aesthetics and artisan-ship on metal. At our state of the art factory in Sitapura, the elite industrial hub of the pink city, where proficiency meets passion.


Symetree’s flagship store is located at 11 A, Khan Market which is ranked as the costliest retail location of the sub-continent, our first flagship store at the elite high street of the capital re-iterates the brand’s vision of being at the pinnacle of creative luxury.


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